Customized Insurance to Meet Personal Insurance Needs


• UNIQUE APPROACH – We require that we write both your home (or renters) and auto insurance (there are exceptions). Why? Not only is it essential to get all cross policy discounts, but our Purpose Statement is “Preparing You For When It Matters”. In order to do this we must discuss Umbrella coverage, which requires both home and auto coverages.
• UMBRELLA – If you have not had a discussion about an umbrella policy, you need to. This is reason enough to contact us!
• WHAT AM I PAYING FOR? – Sometimes it takes more than fifteen minutes to provide a personal insurance quote. We take the time to explain the coverages so you know what you’re paying for.
• PRODUCT LINES – Our personal insurance product offerings include home (also renters or condo), auto, fire (rental property), umbrella, life, and disability.


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